Mmm, Probiotics: This Is What a Gut Expert Eats for Breakfast

Kaitlyn McLintock

Deliciously Ella

Now more than ever, we’re recognising the interconnectedness of digestive health with general wellbeing. It’s true that a healthy system makes you feel amazing, but it can also dramatically boost your immune system thanks to the flora of natural bacteria found in your gut.

This type of bacteria isn’t the icky kind that we eradicate with a pump of hand sanitizer or a swipe of disinfectant across our keyboard. In fact, these bacteria are insanely beneficial. They help us to absorb nutrients and fight off bodily invaders, among other things. Did we mention they also contribute to a clear, glowing complexion?

Clearly, keeping these good bacteria happy, flourishing, and well functioning is paramount. How do we do this, you ask? It’s simple. Other than taking daily probiotic supplements, it’s as easy as incorporating digestion-friendly foods into your diet. Keep reading to hear which breakfast a gut-expert swears by for boosting her digestive health!

Head over to Health to see the rest of Raj's go-to meals. And next up, read about the only probiotics worth taking, according to experts!

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