10 Rainbow-Inspired Manis in Honour of the Last 10 Days of Pride Month

Erin Jahns

The 2018 NYC Pride March will transpire at 12 p.m. this Sunday, June 24. And to help spread the love even further (from head to fingertip, to be exact), one of the city's most in-demand nail spots, Chillhouse, is making a special offer: 20% off pride-themed rainbow manicures. All the better to hold signs with, right? Right.

The one and only hitch: Not everyone is conveniently located in order to take advantage of the deal. However, what's stopping us from hitting up our local nail salon and asking for our own version of a pride-themed mani? To get the juices flowing and inspiration ball rolling, we picked out 10 of the best rainbow, pride-inspired manicures to last you through the final 10 days of June and beyond. Keep scrolling for the kaleidoscopic mani ideas to end Pride Month with the mesmerising pop of colour it deserves.

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