The Beauty Budget Breakdown: How Much Your Routine Costs You Daily

Deven Hopp

There’s only one thing we put off more than doing laundry, and it’s booking a hair colour appointment. In our dream world, we’d be freshly coloured, always; we love the feeling of leaving the salon with bright, vibrant colour. The only issue is we’re not so keen on the feeling we experience about 30 seconds prior to leaving the salon—the moment we hand over our credit card. Ouch. That bill is a tough one to swallow. But it’s only one of the many beauty expenses we incur. So, rather than dwelling on the big number that shows up on our credit card statement, we prefer to look at the bigger picture: How do all of the big beauty purchases break down on the day-to-day? We crunched the numbers to bring the cost per wear, beauty edition.

Grab your calculator, scroll down, and start tallying up your daily beauty budget!

What did your daily total come out to? (Ours was $14.57. Not bad, right?) Tell us in the comments below!

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