An Organic Skincare Expert Told Us Her Secrets for Prenatal Skincare

Emily Algar

There's no shortage of advice detailing what you should and shouldn't do during pregnancy, from food to flying. Ultimately, expectant parents will generally make decisions on these things based on what's best for their baby and themselves, in conjunction with their doctor or caregiver. One change that many women feel confident to make on their own, however, is a transition towards a natural beauty routine.

The fact is, there are but a handful of skincare ingredients proven to be unsafe for pregnant women to use. That said, it's unusual for studies of this kind to be conducted on expectant mothers (for obvious reasons), so many err on the side of caution. Also, for some, the thought of slathering on an unknown cocktail of chemicals frankly isn't appealing.

To find out how to clean up your beauty routine when you're with child, we reached out to natural skincare therapist Jeannie Bourke. Bourke's Sydney-based salon, Venustus is a haven of calming, holistic treatments, and a frequent haunt for pregnant women looking for relief. (FYI, Byrdie Australia's senior beauty editor Lisa says the spa's prenatal massage is "worth being pregnant for".) Ahead, Bourke dishes out her best advice on everything from ingredients to consider avoiding, to the one body serum every mum-to-be should own. 

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