The Most Desired Lip Shapes, According to a Plastic Surgeon

Hallie Gould

Glamour UK

It's been years since Kylie Jenner first debuted her bee-stung pout, but the obsession with full lips (and fillers) is still going strong. But which shapes are considered the most covetable?

I spoke with Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc, an NYC board-certified plastic surgeon, to get answers.

According to Dr. Lorenc, there are four lip shapes that are most desired: heart-shaped lips, Hollywood lips, perfectly proportioned lips, and puffy lips.

"Taylor Swift has a well-defined Cupid's bow. Because of this, her lips are heart-shaped. Angelina Jolie has both a full upper and lower lip. She doesn't have a very accentuated Cupid's bow but instead a rounded upper lip. This full, round, and sexy lip look is known as the Hollywood lip."

He went on to describe the "perfectly proportioned" lip: "Rihanna has the perfect lip shape—very proportioned and well balanced."

Re-create Rihanna's lip shape with her signature red lipstick.

Whether or not fillers are your thing, the information is fascinating. Do you have any other cosmetic surgery questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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