3 New Ways to Pimp Your Ponytail for the Office

Lisa Patulny

Ponytails are always a solid option for the office (and beyond) but between us, they can get a little tired. (There's only so many days you can tie your hair back the same way before you get bored, amirite?). You might think you've tried everything to take your pony to the next level. We've certainly added accessories, pumped up the volume and experimented with pony-braid hybrids in the quest to reach pony 2.0. The thing is, everything gets old eventually and...we're feeling the need for some new tricks. 

Ahead, you'll find three easy tweaks you can implement to primp your regular ponytail right this very minute. They're simple, don't require products you probably don't have handy (high-shine pomade anyone?) and because they're pulled straight from the runway they deliver on wow factor.

Keep scrolling for 3 ways to dress up your ponytail for the office.


How do you tweak your ponytail for the office? Share your tips below.


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