The 4 Most Popular Bridal Beauty Trends of 2017, According to Pinterest

Victoria Hoff

What did brides-to-be even do before Pinterest came along? Needless to say, the virtual mood board has revolutionised the way we plan for the big day—which is why we look forward to the site's annual wedding report every single year. By tracking the habits of users and the images they love most, the analytics team at Pinterest HQ is able to zero in on the most popular bridal beauty trends of the moment.

2017's analytics don't disappoint—and the resulting trends are a reflection of the direction in which the beauty industry is headed at large. Brides are saying goodbye to overly fussy beauty looks, for example, and embracing a more natural aesthetic. And—surprise, surprise—a certain millennial-beloved hue is dominating makeup palettes everywhere.

So which four trends specifically won out? Keep scrolling to find out.

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