According to Pinterest, These Are the Most Clicked Beauty How Tos of 2017

Emily Algar


Pinterest is a never-ending source of beauty intel. From bridal makeup to never-tried-before hairstyles, it goes without saying that you're sure to feel inspired after a few hours spent clicking your way into a pinboard black hole. Tutorials are massive on Pinterest and there is a whole world of step-by-step how-to guides promising to up your beauty skillset. 

If we had to guess what everyone was searching, we would assume a range of impossibly difficult beauty maneuvers (think: graphic winged liner, or intricately braided up-dos). Turns out, it's much more basic than that. According to Pinstyle, things such as styling short hair and filling in eyebrows are actually the questions everyone needs answers to. So, because we know you're curious, we put together a list of the most-searched beauty how-tos this year.

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