Meet Pink Champagne, the Sherbet-Coloured Hair Colour of Your Dreams

Kaitlyn McLintock

Here at Byrdie, we're always interested in hair colour trends, but our interest turns into something of an obsession during the cooler months. The lack of summery good vibes encourages us to stray from our hair colour comfort zones emboldening us to get experimental with rich, unique hues. According to Allure, this year, it's all about pink. Pink champagne, to be exact.

It's a new take on the Millennial Pink craze—you know the one, the trend that's overtaken everything from our bathroom vanities to our hair colour. Well, pink champagne is a fresh take on it. It's a multifaceted, dimensional colour that we're completely smitten with.

Keep reading to see your new hair colour!

Will you be participating in the pink champagne hair trend? Let us know in the comments below, and then read the lazy girl's guide to getting model off-duty hair

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