These Are the #1 Fragrances Around the World

Amy Lewis

When it comes to fragrance, tastes are diverse as they get—not to mention incredibly personal. Last year, the global perfume market was valued at around $55.4 billion, and building a formidable fragrance wardrobe has become the ultimate goal for many an olfactory obsessive (guilty as charged).

But while individual sensory tastes and experiences can differ hugely from one spritz to another—one woman’s spicy base is another’s floral heart, after all—where you’re from can actually hold a powerful sway over your perfume preferences too. The top scent in Australia, for example, is a very different blend to its U.S. counterpart, and the same goes for scents reigning supreme in the UK, Italy and the United Arab Emirates (bar one exception—Chanel’s iconic Coco Mademoiselle, of course).

So if you fancy a change of pace on the fragrance front (or are simply as curious as we are about the top-ranking perfumes across the globe), starting with the best-loved scents of women around the world could be a great start. Luckily for you, we’ve already begun the investigation; consider this your ultimate guide to the scents chic women everywhere are currently loving. Keep scrolling to discover the best-selling perfumes from Australia to Italy and beyond.

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