From Tinting to Tattooing: How to Know Which Eyebrow Treatment Is Right for You

Amanda Montell

Urban Outfitters

Let's talk about eyebrows. After all, everyone else is talking about them. Thanks to the modern generation of eyebrow legends like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, the brow conversation has shifted from how to make them as skinny and tweezed as possible to how to get the fleekiest, most feathered, Instagram-worthy arches possible.

The beauty market has caught up with the demand for contemporary eyebrow treatments, and today there are more options on the market than ever before. Sure, you have your classic hair-removal services like tweezing and waxing, but now you've also got brow-enhancing treatments like tinting, tattooing, and extensions to consider.

Navigating this market can be confusing. How does one decide which eyebrow service is right for their brow shape, hair type, schedule, and budget? For clear, definitive answers, we contacted some of the most trusted brow experts in the business. 

Keep scrolling for your guide to the many brow treatments available (and how to choose the best one for you).

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