This Legendary Fragrance House is Doing Amazing Things for Charity

Lisa Patulny

I shop online most days. Whether I’m stocking up on my current #1 moisturiser, adding a designer handbag to cart (then, you know, removing it), or just doing the groceries, I rarely venture into an actual bricks-and-mortal store. Mostly, these online transactions feel good, but sometimes (particularly when I’m a few days pre-pay—and possibly buying lunch with my credit card), they can feel a tad too self-indulgent.

Sure, I could just lay off the online purchases altogether (and some weeks I do) but in the immortal words of Carrie Bradshaw, “shopping is my cardio”. Even when the only thing I’m exercising is my credit card. My solution? Seeking out guilt-free buys. It may sound shallow, but brands that donate a percentage of their sales to charity, or include ingredients that support fair-trade communities in their products get my attention, and often, my money.

Enter, daffodil-inspired scent Ostara ($279), the latest release from celebrated English fragrance house Penhaligon’s. Released in conjunction with The Cancer Council on August 28, which just so happens to be Daffodil Day (see what they did there?), 15 percent of sales from Myer’s Galerie de Parfum in Melbourne and Sydney during September and October will go towards the charity’s cancer research.


Penhaligon's Ostara ($279)

Now you know how it helps others, but what does it smell like? Crafted by expert perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, it starts off green and leafy—like freshly cut flower stems—then morphs into something sweeter thanks to a syrupy beeswax note. Once the scent is done settling (half an hour post-spritz), it’s soft but peppery, with musk balancing out the spice. In a nutshell, it smells like a sun-drenched garden on a cool spring morning. So much so, that wearing it on drizzly days feels akin to a The Secret-style call to the universe to pretty please switch on the rays.

Then there’s the packaging—it comes housed in a sunny yellow box, adorned with painterly daffodils. The bottle itself, bedecked with the brand’s signature bow, is stellar dressing table candy if nothing else. With The Cancer Council aiming to raise nine million dollars this year for cancer research, I won’t feel bad about adding this beauty to my cart.

Do you favour beauty products that support charities? Will you be seeking out this perfume? Sound off in the comments below!

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