2017's Biggest Makeup Trend Was Stolen From Beyoncé

Hallie Gould

A few weeks ago, I was interviewing trend forecasters and notable makeup artists in an attempt to predict a few about-to-blow-up type trends for 2017. First up? Sir John, L’Oréal Paris's celebrity makeup artist and Queen Bey's go-to guy. He excitedly said of his favourite makeup trend for the New Year, "The PB&J hack is actually one I stole from Beyoncé." I gasped—audibly—and thought this is going to be huge.

I pulled myself together and asked him to elaborate. Sir John excitedly explained, "I am coining this a new trend in 2017. The technique is all about mixing different shades of lip colours and 'smacking' lips together to create a super-ethereal, cool look. It's something [Beyoncé and I] came up when were super rushed before an event. We already had colour on her bottom lip, but didn’t have enough time to sit there and apply colour to the top. I grabbed the closest lip colour (which was a totally different shade than the one on her bottom lip), and quickly applied it. Without thinking, she smacked her lips together. The end result was a gorgeous wash of colour."

"It's like you're walking around with a piece of art on your face—it's a truly custom lip every time you rock the look," he continued. "It also creates this visual interest as people get closer to you because they start to see this 3-D colour effect." 

He warns, "So many women are used to rubbing their lips together, sort of how you used to do with lip gloss. In this case, though, it doesn’t mix the colour well, so you do not want to rub." Instead, Sir John instructs, "smack the colour together on your lips. When you hear the smacking sound, you know you're meshing the colours together perfectly."

The great thing about this look is the subtle difference between the shades of lip colours you use. This is best done with colours that don’t dry quickly. The best product? The legendary makeup artist explains, "My holy grail product pick for this is the new L'Oréal Paris Infallible Lip Paints. Not only is the formula the perfect consistency, but there are also a ton of shades—you have so many options for colour duos. As long as you keep the colours in the same family, you are golden."

For example, Sir John recommends you try a dark berry on your top lip and wine colour on the bottom, or an orange on top and neon pink on the bottom. If that sounds a bit too out of the box for your usual vibe, get into a nude camel shade on your bottom lip and a pink-y rose on top. "I just used both the Bewitching Bordeaux and Violet Twist shades on a client and it was flawless."

Sadly, these Bey-approved lip paints are yet to launch in Australia (mark your calendars for the second half of the year!), but in the meantime you can easily try the trend with any liquid lipstick. We like Tarte's Creamy Matte Lip Paint ($29) in particular.

When you apply the colours, be sure to place the brighter colour where you need the most definition. "This is usually the top lip, as our top lip tends to be smaller than the bottom lip," Sir John says. When you try the technique for the first time, get in the habit of "smacking" your bottom lip slightly over the edge of your top lip. That's the expert trick to get that coveted natural, full lip.

Would you try this look? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the other makeup trends that will reign supreme in 2017.

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