Career Code: How Paula Begoun Called Out the BS and Shook Up the Beauty Industry

Emily Algar

In honour of Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power’s book, The Career Code: Must-Know Rules for a Strategic, Stylish, and Self-Made Career ($20), we’re kicking off an interview series featuring 17 questions (in honour of the book’s 17 chapters) about the work lives of the most inspirational leaders in the beauty industry.

When Paula Begoun originally released her book, Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me, it was a game-changer in the beauty industry. Not only did it call out so much of the marketing BS, but it armed women with knowledge to walk into a department store, cut through all of the noise, and instead spend their money on products that would actually benefit their skin. Fast forward to now, and Begoun is still a force to be reckoned with in the skincare space. Her brand, Paula's Choice, is continuously innovating and launching new products, and spreading the message about skincare, ingredients, what works, and of course, what doesn't. 

Begoun recently visited Australia to promote her newest Defense skincare line, and we were fortunate enough to  steal some time to ask her all of the best career know-how she's picked up over the years. Honest, out-spoken, and unashamedly herself, Begoun speaks openly about her greatest lessons, biggest regrets, and all of the advice that's seen her through over the years. Keep scrolling for our Career Code with Paula Begoun. 

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