The Internet's Fittest Woman Just Shared Her Food and Fitness Diary

Jasmine Garnsworthy

There are two types of abs in the world: six-pack abs and Paige Hathaway abs. As well as owning one extremely ripped stomach, Hathaway is a fitness guru and Instagram influencer. In 2011 she started dabbling in fitness for the first time and in less than a year went from having 300 followers on Instagram to more than 500,000 followers.

Today, she shares fitness tips and a truckload of motivation with more than four million devoted followers while also working as an ambassador for brands like F45 Training. Curious (and a little awestruck if we're honest) about what it takes to sculpt a body like Paige's, we asked her to spill exactly what her weekly food and fitness diary looks like. It's truly not what we expected. 

Keep scrolling to find out Paige Hathaway's diet and exercise routine.

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