7 Beauty Products That Make You Prettier Overnight

Dacy Knight

Urban Outfitters

Overnight products can do so much more than their daytime counterparts that have to compete with things like sunscreen and makeup and the need to look appropriate in public. Nighttime treatments are made for being lathered on freshly washed faces to act for several hours hydrating, firming, and refreshing to maximum capacity. You can put overnight products to work while you're lost in your REM cycle. Hit the sack with nothing to worry about but waking up to gorgeous skin.

To help you make the most of your pillow time, we've pulled together tried-and-tested overnight products that pull overtime while you snooze. So before you count those sheep, try these overnight treatments that promise to maximise your beauty sleep.

Keep scrolling to see the best ways to boost your beauty regimen while you catch some z's.

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