7 Ways To Wake Up With Prettier Hair

Faith Xue

We stopped believing in fairytales long ago—around the time we realised that morosely mopping our kitchen floor would not yield a warm, loveable fairy godmother with a penchant for glass shoes. But though we’ve long since filed away those stories as strictly fantasy, we do look to one princess for inspiration on a daily basis: Aurora—more commonly known by her moniker, Sleeping Beauty. This was a girl after our own hearts, who somehow possessed the magic ability to sleep for a hundred years and still wake up looking totally fresh and kissable. Props, girl.

Today, we’re channeling Aurora’s lazy-girl vibe, and sharing seven overnight tricks to help you wake up with princess-worthy locks of your own. Because why curl, straighten, blow dry, and style, when you can sleep?


Keep reading for seven overnight hair tips to help you wake up pretty!

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