The Crazy Thing You Never Noticed About Every Oscar Winner

Lindsey Metrus

Every awards season, we, the beauty-obsessed, are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed waiting for celebs to grace the red carpet so we can catch a glimpse of their hair and makeup. Of course, we also gawk at their incredible dresses and bask in the sheer delight of their otherworldly presence, practically blinded by every sequin and sparkle. Admittedly, though, one element of their look that takes a bit of a back seat in our minds is their nails. Trust us, we love a good nail polish and an even better manicure, it just doesn't immediately grab our attention like the other stand-out elements. However, we recently learned that we should have been paying way more attention to their digits all along.

Backstage at NYFW, a top celebrity manicurist and nail mogul revealed to us that when she's getting a client ready for The Oscars (or any awards show), if she has a feeling that they're going to win, she'll paint their nails either a nude or pale neutral colour. The reasoning? When they hold the award for photographs, she doesn't want anyone to be distracted by a bright nail colour or intricate design. "The focus should be on the statue," she explains. Deeply fascinated by this, I decided to take a look through Oscar Winners past and their nail colours. The results were shocking. Take a look for yourself below.

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