6 Organic Eye Creams That Brighten, Tighten, and Make You Look More Awake

Audrey Noble

By now, we're sure that any misconceptions you've had about all-natural/all-organic beauty products have been dispelled and that you've fully embraced them as legitimate options for your makeup and skincare routines. Whether you've switched over completely or like to dabble here and there with just a product or two, we can all agree that these nontoxic products work miracles on our skin.

We turn our attention to a problem we've been having as of late: dull, tired, puffy eyes. Maybe we're working and playing too hard, but we wanted to find something that not only treated those side effects of not getting enough sleep but was also healthy to use on our skin. Alas, we've rounded up organic eye creams that pretty much treat every eye problem out there.

Scroll through to see what organic eye creams we're loving right now.

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