Olivia Munn Spells Out Her Entire Anti-Ageing Routine—and It's Intense

by Amanda Montell

My boyfriend is jealous that I get to interview Olivia Munn.

“I loved her on G4,” he gushes, referencing the television network that helped launch Munn’s career in the mid-2000s. Before her star-making roles on The Daily ShowThe Newsroom, and X-Men: Apocalypse, Munn co-hosted the live series Attack of the Show!, where her striking beauty and unique charisma stole the hearts of every pop culture nerd watching (including, evidently, my boyfriend). Neither of these qualities has changed over the past 10 years. (Watch her episode of Vogue’s 73 Questions to get a sense—she’s sporting the prettiest beachy waves you could imagine while informing the host that the “geekiest” thing about her is her personality.)

Standing in front of Munn, it’s hard to believe she has been in Hollywood for a full decade. The 36-year-old has the complexion of someone half her age—I try not to squint as I examine it under a crystalline light fixture at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, where Munn is doing a day of press to promote her film Office Christmas Party. Munn’s hair is shiny and perfectly tousled, her skin glows like an orb, and her makeup is both effortless and high-glamour.

None of this is an accident. Munn is more invested in the world of makeup and skincare than the average celebrity we interview. (Let’s just say she’s all about the glitter lip trend and knows the actual science behind hyaluronic acid.) Throughout our conversation, Munn speaks with a refreshing candor about her beauty troubles: her struggle to find a makeup artist who understands her multi-ethnic features, her intensive quest for ageless skin, and her journey toward finding “a good sense of self-worth.” Read on to hear Munn tell her beauty story in her own words.

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