7 Office Beauty Hacks Every Savvy Woman Should Know

Lisa Patulny

Justin Coit for Who What Wear

Ever gone to powder your nose before a big meeting only to notice a huge—and previously nonexistent—spot on your face? At work, scenarios like this can knock your confidence, and nobody needs that when they’re trying to be a #boss. We’ve compiled our favourite beauty hacks for fixing office beauty disasters with stuff you’ve got handy (i.e., at your desk or in your handbag). A quick—and discreet—fix means you can focus on the job and not your grimy bangs. Keep reading for the office beauty hacks every savvy woman should know!

Hack #1: Nix Shine Without Powder

Don’t have blotting papers? Check the stationery cupboard. Sticky notes are surprisingly good at mopping up shine and, if used correctly, won’t move your makeup around. Gently dab on your forehead and nose, then turn the paper over and check out the results.

Hack #2: Treat Dry Spots Discreetly

Constant air conditioning can turn your face into a flaky mess. Regularly misting skin with a hydrating spray is good practice, but if your workplace isn’t conducive to deskside primping, try NudeStix Moisture Pencil ($20). It’s discreet to apply and combats dryness in a snap.

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