"Octopus Buns" Are Basically Just Messy Topknots (Shh, Don't Question It)

Kaitlyn McLintock


With autumn behind us, we're in full-blown winter mode—and with cooler temps comes the necessity for low maintenance hair. So thank you, internet, for facilitating a turtleneck-friendly "trend" that in reality, is something we all already knew how to do. Meet "Octopus Buns," aka the new (admittedly adorable) name for your most low-maintenance 'do.

If you are in the habit of tossing your hair into a lackadaisical topknot while lounging around the house, heading to the gym, or just trying to get one more day out of unwashed strands, then you're already a step ahead of the Octopus Bun trend. Seriously: It's simply a messy bun with strands poking out of the elastic. But this is 2017, and everything—even your most DGAF hairstyle—needs a name with viral potential, right?

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