This Low-Maintenance Lip Colour Is the Only Thing Celebrities Are Wearing

Amanda Montell

Say the words "Hollywood" and "lipstick" in the same sentence, and what colour comes to mind? For us, it's a glamorous true red. As far as red carpet makeup is concerned, movie stars and musicians often take the advantage of the drama and romanticism of the event and go full-glam with a red or berry lip. Just look at this year's Golden Globe Awards for proof: Everyone from Zoe Kravitz to Jessica Chastain was seen in a statement-making red lip. 

But recently it seems that celebrities are over high-maintenance lip colours. The Billboard Music Awards aired tonight, and there was scarcely a red or berry lip in sight. Whether it's because we're nearing summertime, a season that calls for effortless beauty, or because Hollywood is simply fatigued after months of awards shows and the intense makeup that goes with them, nude lips were the look of the evening. There's no denying that a nude lip, whether it's matte or glossy, is easier to wear and touch up throughout the night than its bolder counterparts. 

If Hollywood says nude lips are glamorous again, we are fully in support. Keep scrolling to see the nude lip looks we loved most on this year's Billboard Music Awards red carpet. 

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