Every Early 2000s Kid Will Remember These Iconic Back-to-School Beauty Products

Amanda Montell

It's August of 2002, and year six is about to start (or fourth or maybe ninth, depending on where you fall in the millennial birth order). The end of holidays definitely sucks, but there's one thing that makes it better: back-to-school shopping. To take the sting off another nine months of homework, maths tests, and unrequited crushes, you get to go to the mall for the one shopping spree of the year where you actually get almost everything you want. The part you're most excited about? Beauty shopping: Priceline, The Body Shop, the beauty sections of Target and Victoria's Secret over there by the register. Normally, there's no way you'd get to pick out all the body glitters, hair tools, and lip glosses it will take to look like Lizzie McGuire's long-lost sister, but this is a day like no other. It's back-to-school beauty shopping day.

In the early 2000s mood yet? Here at Byrdie, we're definitely feeling it. We may no longer be 12 years old, but in honour of the late summers of our tweenhoods, here are 15 back-to-school beauty products from the early aughts that will make you feel all kinds of nostalgia. 

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