5 Beauty Tips That Actually Matter From Hari Nef, Nura Afia, and More

Kaitlyn McLintock

Here at Byrdie Australia, we’re committed to honouring and supporting our fellow women each and every day, whether that’s through sharing personal experiences with body image and confidence, discussing the ever-morphing representation of women in the media, or offering mental health advice. Beauty and feminism have more to do with one another than some people realise. As Transparent creator and trans activist Jill Soloway has stated, beauty rituals serve a larger purpose than simply enhancing our features (read more about that here); and there’s strength in expressing ourselves authentically through beauty and encouraging other women to embrace their own identities.

I think we can all agree that celebrating the amazing, unique women around us should be something we do on the daily. But International Women’s Day serves as a special reminder to support, empower, and take pride in our sisters. As participants in the beauty industry, we sometimes forget to look for beauty inspiration in nontraditional places. So this year, to celebrate our sisterhood as genuinely as possible, we wanted to expand our source of beauty inspiration by turning to five trailblazing women who are redefining what it means to be beautiful. Keep reading to hear five important beauty tips from Hari Nef, Amandla Stenberg, Ruby Rose, and more.

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