Here's an Idea: Stop Commenting on How I Look When I Don't Wear Makeup

Audrey Noble

At a previous job, I had to go to work right before a 19-hour flight to Asia. I decided to wear my go-to airport outfit—sneakers, leggings, tank, and a bomber jacket—and go makeup free. A co-worker, whom I still love dearly, took one look at me and asked, "Are you hungover?"

Once in high school, a friend told me I looked absolutely terrible. When I looked at her confused, she said I looked so different. I told her that I just wasn't wearing any makeup. Our friendship didn't recover from that.


Audrey Noble

Because of reactions like those, I now have a fear of leaving the house without makeup. I wish I was strong enough to ignore all those comments, but I'm pretty sensitive, especially to any type of criticism, and super self-conscious.

If we are truly this wise modern community that embraces people's individualities and unique features, why is it still such a shock when women decide to not wear makeup? Even more importantly, why do people make such rude comments about women's natural appearance?

We here at Byrdie believe that everyone has the right to define beauty on their own terms. If you have a pimple or dark circles you want to cover up, we'll show you the best concealers for your skin type and tone. If you are all about that #nomakeup selfie, we'll be here singing your praises.

Makeup is not a necessity. We like to think of it as a tool for women to use as a power statement when they want to, not as a requirement to hide what society thinks are imperfections. And if there are days where you just want to go barefaced, we should have every right to do so without any judgment.

We asked all of you, our readers, to share stories of when people rudely commented on your not wearing makeup. The responses we got really proved that no-makeup shaming is most definitely a thing. This is our PSA that it needs to stop.

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