No Filter: Byrdie Editors Share Their Makeup-Free Selfies

Amanda Montell

There a lot of images of us editors on Byrdie looking very made up and polished. Of course, it's our job to provide beauty inspiration, so it makes sense that we'd publish photos of us looking our best. But after a while, it starts to feel a little… uncharacteristically perfect. After all, we don't always look (or feel) so put together in real life.

To bring some much-needed realness to the equation, I challenged my fellow Byrdie editors to take a selfie with zero makeup and zero filters (good lighting was allowed) and tell me how it made them feel. It sounds simple, but it actually got way deeper than expected. Because we're all friends here, we figured you wouldn't judge our sleepy under-eyes, shiny foreheads, or freckles. Keep scrolling to see our editors' no-filter, no-makeup selfies.

This story was originally published April 28, 2017 and has since been updated.

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