Nicole Warne Tries Tomboy Beauty on for Size, Looks Amazing

Lisa Patulny

Nicole Warne (aka Gary Pepper Girl) is known not only for her immaculate style, but also for her classic and feminine beauty look. She often favours a red lip, liquid liner and polished waves, and if you follow her on Instagram you'll know she never has a hair out of place. We never thought we'd see the day Warne tackled an edgier vibe, but that's exactly what she's done for the launch shoot of new Australian beauty website Tomboy Beauty

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Shot by acclaimed photographer Simon Upton and with hair and makeup by Brad Mullins and Rachael Brook respectively, the images showcase the influencer's flawless skin and natural beauty. Add in an undone bun and tousled waves and the whole thing is a revelation in tomboy style. According to POPSUGAR Australia, Warne said of the shoot: "Shooting for Tomboy Beauty was an incredible experience. The shoot balances themes of femininity and masculinity and shows me in a new, and never before seen light — it brought out the inner tomboy in me!"

The stunning shots go some way towards proving there's literally nothing Warne can't make look good, and has us reaching for our favourite tinted moisturiser ($59) and salt spray ($27), stat.

Click over to POPSUGAR Australia for exclusive behind-the-scenes images, then make your way to Tomboy Beauty to read the interview.


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