Byrdie Editors Ditched Resolutions This Year—Here's What We're Doing Instead

Hallie Gould

As the holiday season comes to a close and the onset of 2019 is no longer looming, the air is thick with expectation. Dating app sign-ups surge, and new gym memberships are a dime a dozen—but rather than helpful, the term "resolution" has become this cliché with an almost comical connotation. So we're not going to resolve to change who we are this year. Instead, we're going to reclaim something we seem to have lost during the emotional, political, and cultural turmoil that defined 2018. We're going to give our progress the respect it deserves without the harsh iron fist of failure taking up space in our consciousness.

"There's something very powerful about the word 'reclaim,'" notes Faith, our editorial director in this month's letter from the editor. "You're not laying claim to something new, but rather actively taking back something that was already yours." Join us, dear Byrdies, in a different objective for 2019. Keep scrolling for the things we wish to reclaim this year.

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