18 Party-Ready Hair Accessories to Ring in the New Year

Kaitlyn McLintock

New Year's Eve is basically synonymous with glitter, sparkle, and shine. It's one of the few occasions when we can wear glitzy outfits, bold makeup, and jewel-encrusted accessories without looking kitschy, costumey, or overdone. In fact, it's the only holiday that allows—nay, encourages—us to dress like human disco balls.

We're ready for New Year's Eve (both literally and figuratively) in that we have our intentions set; our 2019 goals in mind; our outfits hanging, pressed, and ready; and our favourite glitter makeup products garnered on the bathroom vanity. Now all that's left to do is find the right hair accessories to match. Whether it's plush velvet, flashy metallic gold, or icy jewels, we're into it. After all, we've never been the type to leave our hair unadorned.

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