The New Beauty Brands Now Stocked at Sephora Australia

Alison Rice

We are 129 per cent not over the fact Sephora is now in Australia. And that fact makes every new brand launch feel like Christmas, over and over and over again. More products. Give them to us. Sephora's point of difference has always been brand exclusivity, and Australia is no exception.

If you're a hair person, you'll be pretty familiar with one Jen Atkin. The Mane Addicts founder and celebrity hairstylist created her own product line, Ouai (pronounced way), and we've actually been creating split ends from the stress of waiting for it to land in Oz. Guess what? You can now shop it in store and online at Sephora Australia. Let's dance, you guys. Really get down low and grind into great hair. 

There's two other brands new to Sephora we want to get on your radar, one of them is Korean, and so is the other one. Are you picking up what we're putting down? Let's unpack. 

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