The New Australian Icons: Meet Your Next Beauty Muse

Lisa Patulny

As far as beauty icons go, we'll always have our old-school favourites. These are women such as Lauren Hutton, Anjelica Houston and Bianca Jagger (plus OGs like Brigitte and Marilyn), who we look to for inspiration on everything from how to wear our hair to how to live. But every now and then we like to shake things up by adding a few fresh faces to the mix. Where better to look for beauty inspiration than up-and-comers bred in our own backyard?

The diverse mix of ladies that follow are making their mark both locally and globally, and they're doing so in style. From Tkay Maidzaá penchant for punchy lipstick to Bella Heathcote's doll-like eyes, we're entranced by these Australian beauty icons in the making. Keep scrolling for more!


Which of these Australian beauty icons in the making do you like best? Is there anyone we missed? Sound off below!


Opening image: Into The Gloss

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