8 Must-Have Beauty Products This Editor Always Buys on Net-A-Porter

by Byrdie

Since this a safe space for honesty, I'll be real and share that I have to brace myself every time I decide to peruse Net-a-Porter's site. It's fresh white, glossy design full of the best fashion and beauty products the Internet has to offer makes me wish I could add it all to my cart. In a dream world, I'd treat myself to its high-end array of designer gowns, crystal-encrusted bags, and luxury beauty products every single day. Because a girl can dream, you know? 

Real talk, though, I naturally gravitate to Net-a-Porter beauty products. There are pages and pages of top-tier makeup, fragrances, haircare, skincare and more. To think that Net-a-Porter introduced beauty to its lineup just five years ago and now it's one of the biggest beauty destinations on the web is mind-blowing. You deserve the very best (and don't let anyone ever tell you different) so we pulled our favourite products that continuously fly off the shelves. In other words, you'll want to add these to cart ASAP before it's too late. 

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