If You Take Supplements, You Need to Read This

Lisa Patulny

As someone who takes her wellbeing pretty seriously—yes, I am that person who passes up after-work drinks in favour of training—supplements make up an important part of my day. But according to a recent Huffington Post Australia article, the pills and powders I rely on to get me through the week may not be doing as much for my health as I think. In fact, they could actually be harmful.

The issue? “Many of the vitamin-based supplements on the market are made in a laboratory from synthetic ingredients rather than from real, whole foods,” says Dwayne Martens, CEO of The Amazonia Group. That might not sound like too big a problem until you consider how these synthetic supplements are made. “People don’t know the chemical processes involved in creating [them], which have been shown to include anything from petroleum extracts, coal tar derivatives and industrial chemicals,” he says.

It’s not all bad news: Martens believes wholefoods-based supplements are more easily recognised and absorbed by your body (probably because they’re made from, you know, actual food). His advice: when shopping, read your labels. “If it doesn't specifically say 'non-synthetic source' it's likely the supplements you're taking are synthetic.”

For a good-quality greens powder, I use (and love) Amazonia’s Raw Prebiotic Greens ($32).

Click over to the Huffington Post Australia to read the rest of the article and tell us, do you take supplements?

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