I Only Use 5 Skincare Products Every Day—Here's What They Are

Victoria Hoff

These days, I can best describe my skincare routine as a product of beauty editor backlash. While I can't exactly complain about my access to dozens of new serums, moisturisers, and treatments on an all-too-regular basis, at a certain point, the pressure to try it all started to feel incredibly overwhelming. That's not to mention that both my complexion and my vanity began to protest at the sheer volume of it all. So when I moved apartments a few months ago, I took the opportunity to drastically pare down my beauty routine.

Given my obsessive approach to my complexion—as well as my longstanding itch to try just about anything—I expected this decluttering attempt to be just that: an attempt. But thanks to that ever-growing product fatigue, I surprised myself by quickly zoning in on the formulas I consistently adore. I took a small bin of these selects with me to my new place and tossed the rest.

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