5 Natural Ways to Dye Your Hair (That Don't Involve Chemicals)

Sabrina Paparella

Whether it's out of curiosity, for fun, or just due to plain old boredom, dyeing your hair can be the perfect way to experiment with your look. There’s just one hurdle that could be keeping you from a new colour—flip over a box of hair dye and you’ll notice a long list of harsh ingredients like ammonia, PPD, and parabens. In fact, the chemicals in hair dye and the damage they can leave behind are often reason enough to avoid the stuff altogether.

But if you're still looking to change your hair colour and would prefer to sidestep the harsh stuff, consider trying one of these natural ways to dye hair. Products like henna, lemon juice, and even chamomile tea (yes, the kind you drink) can help you switch up your style without damaging your locks. Learn more about how to drop the chemicals and transform your tresses with natural ways to dye hair below.

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This story was originally published on May 5, 2016 and has been updated.

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