Redditors Are Obsessed With This $15 Brow Product

Amanda Montell

At Byrdie, we're known to look for great beauty advice in offbeat places, and Reddit is one of our regulars. From Redditors, we've learned that you can use cocoa powder as dry shampoo, eye shadow as bronzer, and nipple cream as lip balm. (Oh, the internet.) But currently, we are most excited about a Reddit post from the Makeup Addiction thread from a user named RageSlaya76 (which is an amazing handle, we just need to say).

Yesterday, Ms. Slaya76 posted a photo of her brows before using a $15 product that you never hear much buzz about, but it offered an amazing result that has Redditors flipping. Keep scrolling to discover the cheap brow product everyone on Reddit is talking about.

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