Byrdie Readers Say This $16 French Product Cures Eczema in 24 Hours

Amanda Montell

Ask a traditional doctor what to do about your eczema, and they will probably send you to the Cortizone aisle or prescribe you an extra-strength steroid cream. But what if you'd rather find natural remedies for eczema?

As cosmetic doctor Jane Leonard told us last year, eczema, also known as dermatitis, is a general term meaning skin inflammation and appears as dry, flaky, scaly, or inflamed skin. In other words, it's not pleasant. Equally unpleasant is that finding information about chemical-free skincare formulas can be difficult, especially for a condition like eczema, which doctors have been treating with steroids for years. So we decided to turn to you all—Byrdie's skincare-savvy readers. We hit up members of Byrdie's secret Facebook group, The Beauty Line (have you joined yet?) and ask them to tell us their favourite natural remedies for eczema. Thanks, friends: Here are 7 steroid-free eczema treatments Byrdie readers swear by.

Thank goodness for Byrdie readers, right? We hope this list helps you find a natural eczema remedy that works for you. Happy healing.

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