So Apparently You Have to "Detox" From Your Deodorant

Amanda Montell

"Natural deodorant doesn't work for me": I've uttered this at least a dozen times in my life. Many of us want to avoid the aluminium and preservatives that come with most traditional antiperspirants (these ingredients have been associated with diseases like breast cancer and Alzheimer's—though researchers say there's little evidence proving the correlation).

Whatever your motivation, I understand wanting to recognise every ingredient in your skincare products. The problem with natural deodorant, however, is that the process of converting to it can get, well, funky. Take it from me: After about a day of switching to natural deodorant (aka a day of smelling like I'd been camping in the wilderness for six months), I decided it didn't agree with me and switched back.

But according to holistic skincare experts, natural deodorant agrees with everyone—you just have to let your body detox from the other stuff first. Yes, it's true: In order to successfully become a natural deodorant user, you have to go through a "mainstream deodorant detox"—and it's not (quite) as painful as it sounds. Read on to find out how going through a "deodorant detox" is just what you need to make the natural stuff work for you.

Next up: Read what happened when our editor tried using a crystal as her deodorant (yes, really).

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