Can We Discuss Why All the Best Natural Brands Are Starting to Look Like Twins?

Amanda Montell

If you want to capture a Byrdie editor's heart, there's a very simple formula: Give her an all-natural skincare product with chic, minimalistic packaging. High-end skincare formulated with nontoxic plant ingredients is our favourite type of beauty object to own, and lucky for us, there's a lot on the market. Whereas natural skincare was once reserved for the hippie contingent, it is now in high demand from women of many different backgrounds and budgets.

At the same time, over the past few years, it's become hard to ignore that a lot of our favourite natural skincare products are starting to look… the same. I survey my bathroom counter, sprinkled with brands like Grown Alchemist, and French Girl Organics, and all the products seriously look like sisters, maybe even fraternal twins. The packaging is universally streamlined, monochrome, and modern. This certainly makes for a sleek countertop, but it also begs the question: Are all these brands in cahoots? Are they purposefully conspiring to give this new generation of natural beauty lovers the best-coordinated skincare routines in history? Or is there something deeper going on in the world that's leading all our favourite brands to the same aesthetic?

To find out, we got in touch with these brands, asked them to spill about their packaging, and compared notes. Why are all the best natural skincare products starting to look alike? The answer lies ahead.

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