The Truth About All-Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare

Lisa Patulny

Fact: The natural skincare industry is notoriously tricky to navigate. (Peep this beginner's guide to natural and organic beauty if you're just starting out on a natural skincare journey.) While much has been written about greenwashing, the practice of making a product seem more natural/organic/eco than it really is, many of us still go glassy-eyed when confronted with convincing advertising and misleading ingredients labels. There's also a whole other conversation happening right now around efficacy. On the whole, women are interested in "going natural", just not at the expense of a youthful complexion. Herein lies the problem. With so much noise about buzzy new green anti-ageing ingredients, up-and-coming brands and endless celebrity product endorsements, how are we supposed to know what really works?

In order to determine which of the zillions of natural ingredients out there purporting to be youth-boosting ACTUALLY do something, I reached out to Scientific Director and head of Kiehl's skincare laboratory, Dr. Geoffrey Genesky. My question was simple. "Tell me what can genuinely affect changes in the skin?" Dr. Genesky came through with a short-but-sweet list of things to look for when cruising the natural beauty aisle. From powerhouse ingredients like Manuka honey and Korean red ginseng, to fruit-derived exfoliants and nourishing botanical oils, this is how to do anti-ageing the natural way.

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Multi-Functional Powerhouse Ingredients

"A great thing about natural ingredients is that they are made up of a number of components, so the right natural can provide multi-functional benefits for the skin. For instance, Manuka honey has been clinically demonstrated to improve characteristics associated with healthy looking skin, such as smoothness and softness, while also providing intense hydration and reinforcing the skin barrier. Korean red ginseng root is also appealing because of its ability to significantly help skin recover its radiance, prevent UV-induced roughness, and increase hydration, barrier function and collagen production."—Dr. Genesky

Naturally-Derived Exfoliants

"Efficient renewal of the skin’s surface is a very important factor in achieving softness and radiance, and in minimising the appearance of lines. At Kiehl’s, we're very fond of quinoa husk extract, a natural ingredient that provides these benefits. You can also find products made with more classical alpha hydroxyl acids derived from fruit sources like citrus."—Dr. Genesky

Botanical Oils

"Don’t neglect botanical oils, they help to nourish the skin’s surface layers, and provide fatty acids that are important in the replenishment of the skin barrier. This is important in reinforcing the skin’s defense system and in preventing water loss—both important factors, these particularly help improve the appearance of dry, ageing skin."—Dr. Genesky

Natural Antioxidants

"Antioxidants are important in protecting skin from damage, and can help skin to appear more youthful and even. There are many natural sources of antioxidants. You can find them as components of botanical extracts—for instance in ginger root essential oil as found in Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate—or as ingredients that have been isolated from natural sources, like resveratrol and vitamin E."—Dr. Genesky

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