The 100% Natural Skincare Ingredients That Make You Look Younger

Lisa Patulny

Think the only truly effective anti-ageing ingredients are ones made in a lab? Not so. Natural skincare often cops a bad rap for being synonymous with subpar formulas, but brands like 100% Pure, Kora Organics and Ren (to name just a few) are out to prove that non-synthetic actives are just as potent. 

According to Allure, there are plenty of all-natural ingredients that can transform skin into a smoother, brighter, younger-looking version of itself. The tricky part is knowing what to look for...but that's where we come in. Keep scrolling to discover the all-natural anti-ageing ingredients you need to know about.


Click over to Allure for 5 more natural anti-agers and tell us, do you swear by any of these ingredients? Sound off below!


Opening image: Imaxtree

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