The Unexpected Ingredient Responsible for Natalie Imbruglia’s Glowing Skin

Lisa Patulny


Natalie Imbruglia is one of those women who just never seem to age. At 41-years-old today, Imbruglia looks as fresh-faced and youthful now as she did stomping around in cargos and a hoodie on the set of Torn. (Fun fact: That video was released almost two decades ago—can you even deal?) 

In an interview with Beauticate, Imbruglia talks about her skincare line Iluka, describing herself as a "good guinea pig" for potential new launches owing to her temperamental skin: "If they don’t trigger my acne, I know it’s a really good product." Imbruglia also shares the makeup product she credits with helping to keep her complexion clear: Iluka's Illuminising Pearl Primer ($30). The primer contains pearl powder which, apart from imparting a delightful glow, is believed to repair and regenerate skin. No wonder she always looks so glowy. Want to know what else she uses? Keep scrolling to shop the rest of Imbruglia's makeup favourites.


For more on Natalie's skincare routine, check out the full article at Beauticate and tell us, have you ever used pearl on your skin?


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