Not a Drill—Nail Polish in a Can is Here and it’s Life-Changing

Lisa Patulny

You’d think that after having say, over a decade of experience in painting our own nails, we’d be experts. Close enough, but we can never finish the job as speedily as a professional manicurist. Someone at Nails Inc. must feel the same, because the British company has just invented a game-changing new polish format that promises the quickest DIY mani, ever.

Introducing: Paint Can—aka spray-on nail polish. Yep, the “world’s fastest manicure” comes in an aerosol can and takes just 20 seconds to apply. (Time saved = twenty minutes.) To use Paint Can, apply a base coat like Butter London's Nail Foundation Flawless Base Coat ($22), then spray the liquid polish onto nails.  Once dry, wash your hands in soapy water to remove the excess, revealing what is quite possibly your best home manicure ever.

Nails Inc.’s Paint Can will be available in Australia on February 1.

In the meantime, brush up on how to master an at home manicure, here. Plus, keep scrolling for three of our favourite quick-dry products to tide you over.

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