Your Guide for Every Single Kind of Nail Shape (Yes, There Are More Than Two)

Katharine McEntee

Upper Metal Class

Contrary to popular belief, the nail polish you choose is not the only important decision that goes into a good manicure. While polish choice is essential, we find nail shape to be equally as important. And, since we consistently tell the nail technician to shape our nails “square, round” (what does that even mean?), we reached out to a few nail experts for the low down on up-and-coming nail shapes—because it’s about time we mix it up.

From almond to oval and stiletto, today’s trending nail shapes are all about elongating the hand says Alexandra Falba lead nail technician for OPI. And, while Falba recommends each and every one of the above shapes, she says the shape in which you choose is dependent on the length of your nails. To help you figure out the best trending nail shape for your specific nails, we asked nail experts to break down of-the-moment nail shapes by length. For the trending nail shape that best suits your nails, keep on reading.

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