Nail Masks: Here's What You Need to Know


Let’s face it—our hands take a beating. While we should probably say thanks once in a while for services rendered by our hard-working mitts, we tend to do the opposite and totally neglect them.  

It’s our nails that really bare the brunt though. From our nail polish obsession to our insistence on dunking them in dishwater sans gloves, our nails need fluffy-robe-and-face-mask type of TLC more than anything.

There is where nail masks come in. Scroll down to find out how nail masks work and why you need to try them. 

The thing is, when our nails are flexible, they’re less likely to chip or break as a result of wear and tear. Here, having soft and nourished nails is key, otherwise your brittle nails will snap at any sign of pressure.

Like little hugs for our digits, nail masks envelope both the nail and cuticle in pre-treated mini gloves typically enriched with ingredients to nourish the nail bed.

Commonly utilising oils like avocado, almond or coconut, these masks are the perfect antidote to dry, chipped or dehydrated nails, especially because you leave them for anywhere between fifteen to thirty minutes, increasing the absorption of softening and strengthening nutrients.

You’ll (almost) never break a nail again.

Keep your nails strong and healthy with these fabulous alternatives.

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