These Are the Most Popular Asian Hairstyles on Pinterest

Rena Phuah

Being Asian, I've always had thick, black hair. I grew up with a messy boy-style cut until I was 13, and as soon as I was in high school, I cut it into a short bob that lasted all the way into adulthood. I then decided to experiment with my hair, trying everything from an asymmetrical punk haircut, to a failed attempt at blonde streaks (my hair turned orange). That was the most adventurous I ever went, period. For a few years now, I've the same hairstyle—shoulder length with a fringe (I call it lazy-girl hair). Plus, it works really well with my round face-shape. 

Once in a while, I can't help but browse Pinterest for  hairstyles that other Asian girls are searching for—it indulges my fantasy that one day I might branch out and try something different. It would seem I'm not alone, because data gathered by Pinterest shows that there has been an 82 percent increase in people in Australia saving ideas for Asian hairstyles since the beginning of this year. With all this increased pinning, it had me wondering what everyone was searching for? So without further adieu, keep scrolling for the hairstyles (and colour pairings) that Asian's can't stop pinning.  

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