Turns Out, This Is the World's Most Universally Flattering Lip Colour

Emily Algar


There are so many flattering lip products at our disposal. We’re convinced that even the most minimal makeup wearers have at least one balm, gloss, or bullet stashed in the contents of their handbag.  It’s the ultimate beauty tool—one swipe and you’re suddenly more hydrated, self-assured, or dressed-up. With so many lippies in the world, it’s hard to imagine which colour reigns supreme. Surely an everyday nude? Or statement-making red? Recent data from virtual makeup testing app YouCam Makeup would insist that you’re wrong.

Globally, the favourite lip colour is none other than millennial pink. According to YouCam, this buzzy shade accounts for more than 20 percent (or almost 24 million) of the virtual in-app try-ons in the US and UK, and 15 percent in China and Japan. We’ll admit we were surprised, but can’t argue the fact that a swipe of pink lipstick is a sure way to pep up our mood. 

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