6 Fascinating Beauty Secrets of Moroccan Women

Victoria Hoff

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At Byrdie HQ, it's our MO to celebrate beauty from every corner of the world. The beauty customs of different cultures are so unique and steeped in history, and by learning about them, we're able to expand our own perspectives (not to mention pick up a life-changing new tip or two). That's why we're proclaiming this week Global Beauty Week and paying special homage to women far and wide, from Thailand to Russia and beyond. Each day, we'll honour the beauty practices, trends, and traditions of our sisters around the globe—complex, intriguing, and versatile as they are. Enjoy!

For Katharine L'Heureux, it all began with one vacation—and really, with one ingredient. "I fell in love with Morocco on my first trip there in 2007," she recalls. "The sights, the sounds, the scents, the food, and the people. At the time, I was searching for simple, organic beauty solutions—and when I discovered argan oil on that trip, I realised I had found the single ingredient I had been seeking—organic, effective, and easy to use. I decided to try to create the line of skincare that I was looking for and that would draw from the rich sensory experience of this beautiful country while helping women in need."

Nearly a decade later, that skincare line can be found at Net-a-Porter, The Detox Market, I Am Natural Store, and countless other natural luxury beauty destinations around the world. Kahina Giving Beauty boasts beautifully crafted (and extremely effective) products made with only the finest, most ethically sourced ingredients. In addition to honouring the rituals and history behind every item in her range, L'Heureux pays it forward by supporting the women who help source these ingredients with a portion of the brand's revenue and through local initiatives—since for many Berber women, this work is their only means of financial independence.

And along the way, of course, L'Heureux has absorbed countless local beauty secrets firsthand—from highly effective detoxification rituals to the skin-softening ingredient that Moroccan women swear by. Keep reading to see some of her most valuable tips.

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