Exercising in The Morning is Easier Than You Think

Lisa Patulny


Sometimes getting yourself out of bed in the morning is hard enough without also attempting to hit the gym before work. Still, morning workouts can be beneficial, with studies suggesting that exercising on an empty stomach (or “fasted training”) can help with weight loss and insulin resistance. So if your fitness goals involve slimming down (or even just nailing a new PB for burpees), you’ll be happy to hear it’s not as difficult as you think to form a morning workout habit.

Fitness trainer Danny Musico tells Harper’s Bazaar the key is getting out of bed in the first place. He suggests setting your alarm to play your favourite playlist when it goes off, to pump you up for the gym session to come. You can also try pre-purchasing classes or hiring a personal trainer to put some hard-earned cash (and accountability) behind your intentions, or signing up for a big race as motivation. Make sure to read the rest of the article for six more tricks to making a morning workout easy.

Do you exercise in the morning? What’s your favourite trick for getting yourself up and ready to go? Tell us in the comments below!

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